Analyst coverage – Bioshares 563

“Invion’s Busy Months Ahead: Invion (IVX: $0.066 cents) has a busy few months ahead, with announcements expected for interim and final results from a number of Phase II clinical studies that are underway. Invion is focusing on the treatment of respiratory diseases, largely by repositioning proven therapeutics either for new indications of through improved methods of delivery.

The company’s lead compound is nadalol, which the company has labelled INV102. It is a beta blocker that was originally brought to market by others as a treatment for conditions such as high blood pressure and migraine. It was specifically contraindicated for patients who also suffered asthma, as it was found that this drug would promote this condition (bronchoconstriction). However, researchers, including Richard Bond, who is Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Houston, showed that by dosing only small amounts of this beta blocker and slowly increasing that dose, airway hyper-responsiveness is decreased, as well as having an anti-inflammatory effect, therefore being a potential new treatment for asthma. This is the core discovery behind Invion’s INV102 program.

Professor Bond made a similar discovery previously with a particular class of beta blockers with regards to the treatment of chronic heart failure, for which beta blockers were contraindicated. He brought that discovery to Dr Mitchell Glass (now Invion’s Chief Medical Officer) at GlaxoSmithKline. That subset of drugs became the best drugs ever available to decreasing mortality in heart failure, according to Professor Bond. The discovery moved a $40 million selling drug in 1998 to a $1.5 billion dollar drug in 2010…”

Extracted from Bioshares 563 – Reproduced with permission.

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