Demerger of respiratory assets – clarification on eligible shareholders

Melbourne, Australia and Delaware, United States, 7 September 2018: Further to its announcement dated 5 September 2018, Invion Limited (ASX:IVX, “Invion” or “Company”) wishes to clarify the Invion shareholders who will be entitled under the demerger to receive one Chronic Airway Therapeutics Limited (CAT) share for each Invion share they hold as at the record date.

Invion shareholders whose address, as shown on the Invion share register as at the record date, is in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Singapore, and United States of America will be eligible to participate, together with shareholders with a registered address in any other jurisdiction in relation to which Invion determines (acting reasonably) that the implementation of the demerger and the distribution of CAT shares to Invion shareholders in that jurisdiction is not prohibited and not unduly onerous, including mainland China.

Further details will be provided in the Notice of the Annual General Meeting expected to be despatched to shareholders next week. An Investor Conference Call will be scheduled to occur subsequent to the lodgement of the Notice of Annual General Meeting.


About Invion

Invion is a clinical-stage life-sciences company that is leading the global clinical development of the Photosoft™ technology for the treatment of cancers. Invion has been appointed exclusive distributor and licensee in Australia and New Zealand of Photosoft™. The appointment has been made by technology licensor, The Cho Group, a Hong Kong based group that has funded and successfully commercialised a number of unique and advanced technologies. Via an R&D services agreement between the two entities, the research and clinical trials of Photosoft™ are funded by The Cho Group. Invion has an alliance with leading Australian medical research institute, Hudson Institute of Medical Research, for the Photosoft™ research program. Invion is listed on ASX (ASX:IVX).


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