Governance Update

In line with its commitment to the continuous improvement of its corporate governance framework, the Board of CBio Limited (ASX:CBZ) announces the adoption and release of four governance policies:

  • 1. Corporate Governance Charter (revised)
  • 2. Securities Trading Policy (revised)
  • 3. Continuous Disclosure Policy (new)
  • 4. Diversity Policy (new)

The Board is pleased to advise that Dr James Campbell has been appointed Executive Director. A senior biotechnology executive with more than 20 years experience in scientific research, research management, management consulting and venture capital, Dr Campbell joined the Board of CBio as a non-executive director in February 2012.

In accordance with the Corporate Governance Charter, the Board confirms that Dr Campbell is considered not to be an Independent Director. The Board of CBio continues to have a majority of Independent Directors.

For and on behalf of the Board of CBio Limited

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