Morgans Research – Smoking Hot

Morgans has published “Smoking Hot” – its updated research on Invion Limited.

“IVX has a significant clinical pipeline comprising three compounds, INV102, INV103, and INV104. Recently, the reporting focus has been on INV102 (nadolol), with indications in asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, and smoking cessation. INV102 is a beta adrenergic inverse agonist which acts by blocking cellular changes induced by beta agonists, thereby reducing airway inflammation and airway hyper-responsiveness, hallmark features of asthma and other respiratory problems. Many smokers develop a chronic cough which is exacerbated in the short term during smoking cessation. It generally occurs within the first two weeks of quitting and for many the symptoms are so severe that many return to smoking to suppress the cough. IVX seek to remove the barrier to cessation by treating the severe cough with INV102 to decrease the airway hyper-responsiveness associated with the cough….”

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