Professor Richard Bond and Dr Mitchell Glass discuss the science behind INV102(nadolol) with BRR media

Clinical-stage drug development company Invion Limited (ASX:IVX) is delighted to invite investors to view a short video interview with Professor Richard Bond, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology, University of Houston (USA); and Invion Chief Medical Officer Dr Mitchell Glass. In this webcast, Professor Bond and Dr Glass discuss:

  • • The science underpinning the mechanism of action of INV102(nadolol); and
  • • What makes INV102 (nadolol) unique as a target treatment for chronic airway disease

Currently a Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Houston, Professor Bond is a pioneering expert on using beta-blockers as a potential treatment for chronic airway diseases. Professor Bond is highly regarded in the scientific community with published papers in top scientific journals including Nature and Science. He has received numerous awards and honours throughout his esteemed career and is the recipient of an ongoing grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to study the effects of nadolol in individuals with asthma.

Dr Mitchell Glass, who leads Invion’s clinical development, successfully led the development of the beta-blocker and chronic heart failure therapy carvedilol through to FDA approval, and discusses this medical, regulatory and commercial precedent to the development of INV102(nadolol).

To access the webcast, please visit this link:

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