Invion’s Assets

As an oncology therapy developer, Invion is leading the global clinical development of the PhotosoftTM Technology, through its R&D Services Agreement with the technology’s licensor, The Cho Group.

Under the agreement, The Cho Group agreed to provide non-dilutive funding to Invion, covering all PhotosoftTM Technology development costs, and Invion continues to advance several potential therapy programs into the clinic based on this technology.

As such, Invion’s new topical and intravenous PhotosoftTM formulations are designed to address the limitations of prior PDT therapies and to provide a positive whole-body immune response treatment for patients.

The company’s recent research on an improved version of PhotosoftTM, IVX-PDT, has already shown that IVX-PDT is 15 times more effective in killing ovarian cancer cells in vitro, compared to Oral Photosoft, the original formulation developed by the Cho Group.

Ultimately, Invion intends to pursue multiple therapy indications with various cancers, as the company looks to increase the opportunity for commercial outcomes, create value for shareholders, and use the technology to give a wider range of cancer patients a better option for treatment.


An Improved Version of PhotosoftTM


From its original form, PhotosoftTM technology has been modified and manufacturing improvements completed, resulting in a new and more active product, IVX- PDT.

Research conducted by Invion and Australia’s Hudson Institute of Medical Research has shown that IVX-PDT is 15 times more effective in killing cancer cells in in vitro tests against ovarian cancer, compared to Oral Photosoft.

Invion is developing topical and intravenous formulations of IVX-PDT, and multiple human trials are expected to commence in 2020.

Invion has engaged Melbourne-based Formulytica Pty Ltd, a specialist group in the development of topical and injectable formulations for pharmaceutical products, to develop a topical formulation of IVX-PDT gel for the treatment of skin cancer.

Invion will undertake pre-clinical studies of the IVX-PDT gel through its partner vivoPharm, a Melbourne-based research and laboratory services firm that provides pre-clinical oncology and immuno-oncology services.

The results from the pre-clinical trials will form a significant part of the data package that Invion will submit to regulators for product approval.

Invion aims to have the IVX-PDT gel ready in 2020 for testing in human clinical studies.

Also, Invion is developing an injectable IVX-PDT photosensitiser.

Invion will engage a specialist IV formulation provider to develop an intravenous formulation of IVX-PDT, and vivoPharm to undertake pre-clinical studies. An intravenous formulation is expected to be ready for human trials in 2020.

Invion will begin clinical studies of intravenous formulations in solid cancer treatments, with a small, controlled orphan indication trial for the treatment of mesothelioma / lung cancer.

The initial study will position Invion’s future development of treatments for other solid tumour indications.