About Invion

Australian life-sciences firm Invion is leading the global clinical development of a novel PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT) for cancer. Invion’s novel photosensitiser (the agent used in PDT) is called IVX-PDT and is based on the PhotosoftTM Technology.


Invion is a life-science company that is leading the global research and development of the Photosoft technology for the treatment of a range of cancers, atherosclerosis and infectious diseases. Invion holds the exclusive Australia and New Zealand license rights and exclusive distribution rights to Asia Pacific excluding China (other than Hong Kong, which is included in the Territory), Macau, Taiwan and Japan to the Photosoft technology for all cancer indications. It also holds the exclusive rights to the technology in Asia Pacific (excluding Greater China) for atherosclerosis and infectious diseases, and subsequently acquired the rights to the United States for infectious diseases. Research and clinical cancer trials are funded by the technology licensor, RMW Cho Group Limited.

Invion is partnering with world leading research institutes, such as the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Hudson Institute of Medical Research, to develop a novel photosensitiser, IVX-PDT, that will improve the treatment of skin cancers and hard-to-treat solid cancers. IVX-PDT aims to be more effective at targeting and killing cancers without harmful side effects and minimal discomfort.