Discovery and Development Experts

Prof. Sebastian Marcuccio

Chemistry Adviser

Dr Marcuccio is an organic / pharmaceutical chemist with over 30 years’ experience in research and commercial development.

Seb has extensive career experience in the development of fine chemical products and in drug discovery. He was previously Project Leader of Pharmaceutical Chemicals Research at CSIRO (Australia’s premier public research organisation) where he developed CSIRO’s complex organoboron technology, leading to multiple international patents and the establishment of Boron Molecular Pty Ltd, where he was the founding scientist and R&D Director 2001-2004.

Seb is currently Founder and Director at Advanced Molecular Technologies Pty Ltd (AMT), a contract research organisation specialising in medicinal chemistry and custom organic synthesis.

Seb has a PhD in Organic chemistry from ANU and is an adjunct professor at La Trobe University.

Alex Bennett

Technical Adviser

Alex is an Applied Physicist-Mathematician BSc(Hons) with over 35 years experience in the research and development, manufacturing and commercialisation of scientific instrumentation.

Alex has worked on research, analytical, forensic and medical devices, including ISO:9001  and ISO:13485 certifications for forensic and medical light source manufacturing. Alex was General Manager of  Forensic Light Sources for Rofin Australia Pty Ltd  which won the Australian Small to Medium Business Export Award in 2005. Alex also managed a 3 year Medical Light Source trial for PDT treatment of skin cancers at the Peter McCallum Cancer Centre, resulting in medical device certification for Australia and Europe in 2011. He has presented many international papers and seminars on light sources around the world.

Alex has been a Technical Adviser to Invion on PDT light sources since September 2018.


Louise White

Manufacturing and Quality Adviser

Louise has over 35 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has held key roles in leading global organisations.

Her experience includes 13 years in Australia’s leading a sterile vaccine manufacturing company, CSL andover 22 years within SeerPharma. Louise also held senior roles in Virology R&D, Bacterial Vaccines Production, Quality Control and Production Planning.

Further, she is a registered auditor for the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary
Manufacturing Authority (APVMA) and is a current Partner at SeerPharma.